Directorate of ICT

Networking Management Unit

Head of Unit Network Management

Networking Management Unit

The Network Management Unit was setup to carry the following basic functions within the Directorate of ICT and the University as a whole.

1. Designing and planning the university network
  • Fiber Optics cabling of the campus remote locations
  • Campus wide Intranet networking
  • Videoconferencing implementation across the campus
  • CCTV Surveillance camera installations
2. Setting up the university network
  • configuring the network
  • installing the hardware that makes up the physical part of the network,
  • Configuring the files or databases, hosts, routers, and network configuration servers.
3. Maintaining the university network
  • Develop and deploy methodologies for testing network performance and providing network performance statistics and report.
  • Design and deploy enterprise-class wireless networks, including access points, servers, routers switches and other hardware.
  • Manage and ensure optimal operation of all network and equipment
4. Expansion of university network

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