Home Science

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Home science is a multidisciplinary field of study that is made up of the following areas: clothing and textiles, foods and nutrition, home management, family living and child development. These different areas of home science have career options that can keep the graduates gainfully employed.

Graduates of Home Science are equipped with skills for occupational areas in fibre and fabric manufacturing industries, fashion and apparel designing industries, craft production companies, interior decoration for various agencies, manufacturing companies and ceremonies, management of hotels, restaurants nursery schools, institution food management, baking and snack production companies, extension workers in communities, teaching in clothing, textiles, foods, nutrition, home management, child development and related areas in institutions of learning, catering services, soap and synthetic detergent manufacturing companies, e.t.c.

The main objective of Home Science is to prepare students to be effective individuals and members of the family and society. Specifically, the Department sets the following objectives: –

  • To train individuals for personal development i.e. train individuals to be self-reliant.
  • To train individuals for professional competence or prepare individuals for satisfying wage-earning profession.
  • To prepare individuals for home and family living i.e. educating individuals for the role of future homemakers, intelligent consumers and producers of goods.
  • To improve the services and goods used by families.
  • To conduct research to discover and meet the changing needs of individuals and families.