Hospitality Management & Tourism


Welcome Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Hospitality Management & Tourism. The department that extols and promotes human sustainability and enhancement via Strengthening family relationships; consumption of nutritional adequate diets (NAD); advocating hospitality and recreational indices that reduces work and environmental stress that are capable of infringing on longevity and quality of life. The Department is the seat of the University’s food outlet. The scientific place for adequate food preparation and food consumption practices. The department would be pleased to see you.

For over 15 years, the Department of Hospitality Management and Tourism of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture has refined the vision of hospitality and tourism education, becoming a symbol of excellence in the field. The objectives of the programme are to produce well educated, talented managers for the hospitality and tourism industry and to produce graduates who can carry out research into the needs and effective management of the hospitality industry in Nigeria and beyond.

Students of Hospitality Management and Tourism can earn BSC, PGD, MSc and PhD degrees. Graduates  find employment as managers in international standard hotels and motels, managers in institutions such as colleges, army messes, hospitals, research caterers, caterers in industry, managers in conference centres, leisure parks and tourist sites, consultants, e.t.c.