Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Welcome Message - Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition as a science deals with food an organism requires, how he acquires, utilizes them and disposes of the waste products. Dietetics on the other hand deals with utilization of food in health and diseases. The programme seeks to graduate students who can apply knowledge gained in the physical, Social, Biological Sciences, Arts and Agriculture, Human Nutrition and Dietetics to ensure food security for individuals of all physiological, psychological states to the benefit of all Nigerians. Such students should also be capable of being self-employers of labour.

The programme seeks to achieve these through training students to:

1.       Understand the relationship between Agriculture, food, nutrition and health

2.       Understand the concept of food security and how to achieve this with foods available within and outside their localities.

3.       Dietary planning for different socio-economic, cultural, pathological, physiological and psychological states:

4.       Understand the functions of nutrients, their interactions and effects of inadequate and excessive intakes