About Us – Human Nutrition and Dietetics

About Us

Nutrition as a science deals with food the organism requires, how he acquires, utilizes them and disposes of the waste products. Dietetics on the other hand, deals with utilization of food in health and disease.

The program seeks to graduate students who can apply knowledge gained in the physical, social, biological sciences, arts and agriculture, human nutrition and dietetics to ensure food security and improved nutrition for individuals of all physiological, psychological, economic and pathological states.

This we achieve through our well drafted 4-year degree program, where the first year is devoted to basic/foundation studies and Introductory Nutrition and Dietetics. The second year is divided between the basic courses and courses in Nutrition and Dietetics in line with NUC guidelines. The third and fourth years are devoted to in-depth studies in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. There is one semester of work/practical exposure under the Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) in the third year.

During the school year, students engage in seminar presentations, case study presentations and final year project execution with close supervision. They also undertake study visits to hospitals, clinics, hotels, food establishments and the communities.