Prof. Gregory Ikechukwu Onwuka

Prof. Gregory Ikechukwu Onwuka


Room 248 – CAFST Complex

Brief Profile/ Work Experience

My research and teaching interest revolve around Food Chemistry, Toxicology, Analysis, Processing, Bioactives and Food Safety.

Over the years, I have been engaged in analytical research projects where I have employed modern analytical tools to isolate and identify major chemical components of food.
One of such engagements had taken me to North Dakota State University, United States of America as a Visiting Scientist where I taught and researched on the “Development of Extraction Protocols for Phenolic Compounds in African Pear Seed (Dacryodes Edulis) and African Wonderful Kola (Buchholzia coriecea).

I have enjoyed a number of research and scholarship awards from various agencies and governments including Israeli Government (MASHAV), American Government, Nigerian Government and Abia State Government.

In 2005 I published a book entitled “Food Analysis and Instrumentation-Theory and Practice” and another book in 2014 entitled “Food Science and Technology”. These two books are presently used in various Universities, Polytechnics and Research Institutions.

Educational Background / Academic / Professional Qualifications

Ph.D. Food Science & Technology (1997)
M. Sc. Food Science & Technology (1991)
B.Sc. Food Science & Technology (1987)
Institute of Public Analysts
ISO 22,000 Certified
ISO 17025 Trained

Professional Memberships

Fellow Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technologist
Member Institute of Food Technology Chicago

Areas of Expertise

Food Chemistry, Toxicology, Analysis, Processing, Bioactives and Food Safety.

Research Interests

Product Development/Formulation
Isolation and quantification of bioactives
Processing and preservation of local foods such as soups
Canning Technology and product storage

Student Education/ Courses Taught

Food Chemistry; Food Analysis
Nutrition and Toxicology
Food Biotechnology


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