Professor of Hospitality Management & Tourism


NAME:                                  NGOKA, PAULINUS  CHUKWUEMEKA (FHATMAN)

GENDER:                                                   Male

NATIONALITY:                                       Nigerian

STATE:                                                       Imo

CONTACTS:                         Dept. of Hospitality Management and Tourism,                                                                    

                                           Michael Okpara University of Agric, Umudike.

E  Mail:                    






Awarding  Institution

Period of Study in Institution

PhD Recreation (Natural Resources Recreation & Tourism) – 2007.

Thesis Title: Tourism Potentials and Levels of Utilization of Yankari and Cross River National Parks.


University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


1997 – 2007

M.Ed. (Recreation) – 1989

University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

1987 – 1989

B.Sc. (Hons) Physical Education & Recreation        – 1983

University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

1979 – 1983


 PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION: Proficiency Award in Ecotourism – Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET).

SPECIALIZATIONS:   Leisure & Tourism; Hospitality Management.



i)      Imo State Univ., Okigwe through Abia State Univ. – Uturu – Oct. 1991 – 1994

ii) Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. – May 1994  –  Present

Present Position:   Professor

            Grade Level:            CONUASS 73

        Undergraduate Courses Taught

Research Methods in HMT; Strategic planning in HMT; Food Hygiene & Safety; Hospitality marketing Mgt.; Maintenance Mgt.; Personnel Mgt.; Organization & Administration in HMT; Catering Equipment & Systems; Travel Product Mgt.; Tourism Geography; Tourism Transportation and Marketing Mgt.; Travel Retail Operations; Intermediate Tourism; Safety &  Legal Liabilities in Outdoor Recreation; Developmental Psychology.

Postgraduate Courses Taught

Higher Research and Statistical Methods; Computer Applications in HMT; Travel and Hospitality Mgt. Operations; Financial Mgt. in HMT; Policy Dev. & Implementation in HMT; Special & Institutional Hospitality, Mega Events Mgt., Human Resource Mgt.; Tourism Industry Studies; Field Trips in Hospitality and Tourism; Environmental Impact Assessment; Feasibility Analysis; Travel Trade Business.                       

Postgraduate Supervision 

Currently supervising four M.Sc. and nine PhD students in Hospitality Management / Tourism


Other Postgraduate Activities





Nature of Duty




 Title of Thesis / Dissertation Read / Examined




Date of Exam.


Design Reader

8 M.Sc. Theses & 6 PhD Dissertations in the HOMEC programme


2008 – 2014




Internal Examiner

Inyang, E. S. (MOUAU/PG/PhD/20061039) Assessment of Intervention Strategies for Improving Consumer Utilization of Labels on Processed Foods in Akwa Ibom State.




August 2012




Internal Examiner

Ekot M. O. (MOUAU/PG/PhD/07/1301) Prevalence and Determination of Elder Abuse in the Context of Family Care giving in Akwa Ibom State.




October, 2012



Rep. of Dean PG School

Okwulehie Cyriacus (MOUAU/PG/PhD/00/201): The use of some Grass Straw in the Cultivation of the Edible Mushroom (Pluurotus Osteatus var. Florid EGER)  






February,     2009





Rep. of Dean PG School

OCHEPO, Ochoche Godwin (MOUAU/PG/M.Sc. /05/759): The Effect of Replacement of Cassava Peel Meal with Discarded Tiger Nut (Cyperus esculentus) Meal on Yield and Composition of Milk of Red Sokoto Goats.







June 10, 2010




Rep. of Dean PG School

ODOEMENAM, Lovina  Enyidiya (MOUAU/PG/Ph.D. /2004/637): Effectiveness of Mass Media and Interpersonal Communication Patterns in Disseminating  HIV/AIDS Information to Rural Communities in Abia State,  Nigeria.





July 14, 2010



Rep. of Dean PG School

OZUZU, Ejiomogu Ifesinachi Jane

(MOUAU/PGD /07/1264): Comparative Evaluation of  Two  Nitrogen Sources  on Performance and Blood

Parameters of Creep – fed Lambs and Kids.




August 4, 2010


Rep. of Dean PG School

MICHAEL, Ediaba Iga Ebaba (MOUAU/PG/M.Sc./07/1376): Assessment of Economic Cost of Oil Spills and Land Degradation to Rural Farmers in Echee LGA of Rivers State.



1st August 2012



Rep. of Dean PG School

NNAMERENWA, Gideon Chukwunyerenwa (MOUAU/PG/Ms.C./08/1418): Strategies for Improving Production Capacities Among Rice Farmers in Ebonyi State.


1st August 2012




OKPARA, Beatrice O. (MOUAU/PG/Ms.C./07/1214): Strategies for Improving the Income-earning Capacities of Women Fresh Fish Sellers in Ebonyi State.


1st August 2012



Rep. of Dean PG School

SHOMKEGH, Simon Alyegba

(MOUAU/PG/PhD/2005/926): Ethnobotanical Survey and Relative Abundance of Minor and Non-Timber Forest             Products in Tiv Communities of Benue State, Nigeria.





12th February, 2013



Rep. of Dean PG School

IGWE,  KALU  KALU (MOUAU/PhD/08/1487): Effect of Fraction of Vernonia Amygdalina Del Ethanolic Extraction on Rat Urine and Mammary Gland Contractility and on the Profile of some Reproductive Hormones.





24th October, 2014


Rep. of Dean PG School

Okechi, Onwuka (MOUAU/PG/MS.c./11/2094) Effect of Biocher on Soil Chemical Properties and Phosphorus Absorption Capacity of Some Soils of Abia State, South Eastern Nigeria


July 1, 2015


Rep. of Dean PG School

Onuma, Ogisi Nene (MOUAU/PG/M.Sc./13/2791). Comparative Evaluation of the Quality of Cow Milk and African Walnut (Tetracarpidium conoforum) Milk




March 21, 2018


Rep. of Dean PG School

Okakpu Chidiebere John (MOUAU/PG/M.Sc./15/5484) – Impact of Food Safety Knowledge and Practices of Food Vendors on the Quality of Vended Foods Sold in Two Major Cities of Abia State, Nigeria





May 16, 2018


Rep. of Dean PG School

Nwankwegu, Rita Ogodo. (MOUAU/PG/M.Sc./14/3619) Evaluation of Quality Attributes of Composite Flours From Wheat (Triticum Aestivum) and Cocoyam (Colocasia Esculenta) and Effects of Lactic Acidbacteria on Dough and Bread Produced



May 16, 2018



         PROFESSIONAL REVIEW OF MANUSCRIPTS FOR REPUTABLE JOURNALS                                                                  


Name of Journal / Publishing Organisation



Journal of Scientific Research and Reports (ISSN: 2320–0227)


British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science



African Journal of Business Management



Journal of Agriculture and the Environment.

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.





Ngoka. P. C.  (2017). My PhD Expedition: Chapter in scaling the doctoral degree                                      hurdles: experiences and challenges, Omeire, C. O. Edited, California, Hysab                                 Prints & Publishers LTD, 124 – 147.


Ngoka, P. C. (2016). Disease, Epidemics and the Future of Tourism in Africa – The                                   Ebola Frontline, HATMAN Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, 4(1), 23 – 30. 

Ngoka, P. C.; Dike, M. C.; Nzegbule; E.C.; Ogbonna, P. C. and  Adedoyin, A. (2015). Sacred places of South – eastern Nigeria by type and function – any significance for community based tourism?, Extended abstract book,9th Africa Conference on the  theme ‘Tourism and Inclusive Growth in Developing Economies’ held in University of Dar es Salam, Tanzania         3rd – 5th June, 2015, 31 – 33.


 Ngoka, P. C. Dike, M. C. and Mbakwe, R. C. (2014). Potentials for Development of  Rainforest Tourism in Cross River National Park. International Journal of Development and Sustainability ISDS Society, 3 (3), 562-578.


Ngoka, P. C. (2014). Tourism Visitation of Yankari and Cross River National             Parks by Local and Foreign Statuses – Implications for Development of         International Tourism in Nigeria. US-China Law Review 11 (6), 763 – 780.


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      Ngoka, P. C. (1996). Ecological Conservation: Implications for the Development of    Recreation in Nigeria. Proceedings of the 5th Annual Scientific Conference of the Nigerian Society for Biological Conservation (NSBC), Umudike, 1996.



Most Recent Conference / Workshop / Seminar Activities


1)      4rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) / Conference of the Hospitality and           Tourism       Management   Association of Nigeria (HATMAN), Kaduna: 2–4th December,        2009.

2)      5th AGM / Conference of the Hospitality and Tourism Management     Association of             Nigeria, (HATMAN), Abuja: 26–28th November, 2010.


3)      Regional (Africa) Conference of the        International council for Health, Physical      Education, Recreation, Sport, and Dance (ICPHER –SD): Ibadan February 6–8th    2011.


4)      7th Africa Conference of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education                            (ATLAS); Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda: 6 -8th June. 2011.


5)      6th AGM / Conference of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Association of      Nigeria (HATMAN): Lagos Nov. 30–Dec. 1st. 2011.


6)      5th International Conference on   Sustainable Tourism; A’ Coruna Spain: 7th– 13th June 2012.

7)      43rd National Conference of the National Association     for Physical, Health    Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance (NAPHER             –SD), Owerri,             26–29th            Sept. 2012.

8)      6th (AGM) / Conference of the Hospitality and Tourism Management    Association of Nigeria (HATMAN),  Abuja, Nov. 28–30, 2012.


9)      International Training Workshop on Food Quality and Safety Management      Systems Organised by MCGill University, Canada and Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umidike. 4th – 8th March, 2013, Umudike.

10)   8th Africa Conference of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS); 4th–9th June, 2013. Kigali, Ruanda.

11)  7th (AGM) /Conference of the Hospitality and Tourism Management     Association of Nigeria (HATMAN), Awka, Nov. 27–30, 2013.

12) First Distinguished Lecture of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,         Umudike (MOUAU); by Prof. Francis Suleiman Idachaba on “Why Nigerian             Agriculture has continued to be Neglected.” Umudike: 21st June, 2006.

12)  Workshop on Research and Extension in MOUAU; Umudike: July, 2006.

13)  Workshop on Conduct of Examinations in MOUAU; Umudike: 29th August, 2006.

14)  1st Inaugural Lecture of MOUAU; by Prof. A.E. Akachuku on “The Fantastic Diary of Nature.” Umudike: October 11, 2006.

15)   2nd Inaugural Lecture of MOUAU; by Prof. C.E. Onyenyeaku on “Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency in Nigeria.” Umudike: January 10, 2007.

16)  3rd Inaugural Lecture of MOUAU; by Prof. E.E Ene – Obong on “ Tailoring                Tropical Agriculture Toward the Millennium Development Goals: A Plant          Breeder’s View.” Umudike: March, 27, 2007.

17)  38th National Conference of the Nigerian Association for Physical, Health              Education, Recreation, Sport, and Dance; Benin City: November, 27 – 30,                   2007.

18)  4th Inaugural Lecture of MOUAU by Prof. S.N. Ibe on “Small but Mighty:            Prophecies and Realities in Animal Breeding.” Umudike: November 29,     2007.

19)  5th Inaugural Lecture of MOUAU by Prof. E.N.T. Akobundu on “Beyond the                   Harvest” Umudike: June 18, 2008.

20)  6th Inaugural Lecture of MOUAU by Prof. Mrs. Ada C, Uwaegbute on “Adequate Infant Feeding Bedrock for National Development, Poverty Alleviation and Empowerment” Umudike: Nov. 5, 2008.

21)  7th Inaugural Lecture of MOUAU by Prof. M.O. Iwe on “Food Processing –    Bedrock for Food Security in Nigeria” Umudike: Dec. 10, 2008.

22)  Workshop on use of Data Bases – HINARI, AGORE, AORE by ITOCA –     Umudike: Nov. 7, 2008.

23)  Workshop on “Writing Manuscripts for Journal Publication – Umudike: April 7,           2009.

24)   8th – 25th Inaugural lectures of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

25)  Valedictory Lecture on The Dignity of Labour: Pain or Gain by Bishop M. H. Kukah in honour of the 4th Vice Chancellor of MOUA – Prof. Hilary Edeoga: Feb. 21st, 2016.

26)  Step Down Training for Staff, Students and other Stakeholders on Capacity Building in Agricultural Education in Nigeria – in Collaboration with Bern University of Applied Science, School of Agriculture, Forest and Food Science, Hafl, Switzerland: March 3, 2016, Umudike.

27)  National Tourism & Transportation Summit & Expo 2018, May 21 – 22, 2018, Abuja International Conference Centre.

Research Grant Won: Culture, Sacred Places and Biodiversity Conservation in  South-eastern Nigeria: Potentials for Ecotourism                                                           Development – Award by TET Fund.







Ag. Coordinator, School of General Studies, Michael Okpara Univ. of Agric. Umudike (MOUAU)

1994 – 1995


University Sports Officer

1994 – 2004


Member, Senate Welfare Committee

1994 – Present


Member, Adhoc Committee on Extra – Mural Studies

May, 1995


Departmental Exams. Officer

1996 – 2008


Member, Senate Exams and Time Table Committee

1996 – 2008


Member, Departmental Seminar and Conference Committee

1996 – 2008


Member, Departmental Appraisal Committee

1996– present


Member, LOC, International Conference on Biological Conservation

August, 1996


Interview Panels:

(i) Security men and stewards in MOUAU.

(ii) Coaches, Computer& Statistical   Assistants

(iii) Fitness screening of security men and women 


 May, 1997

 Oct., 1998

Nov., 1998             


Departmental PG Coordinator

 2008 – 2014


Associate Dean, College of Applied Food Sciences & Tourism

2009 – 2014


Chairman, End-user Committee on Bloch G (College Block).

2010 – 2011


Coordinator/Contact Person for MOUAU’s Membership of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS)


2011 – Present


Staff Adviser, Man-O-War, MOUAU Base

2011 – Present


Most Recent Panels Activities:

(i)        Alleged threat to life.

(ii) Alleged case of bullying and assault.

Jan. – March, 2013.

April – June, 2013.


Member, NOC, International Training Workshop on Food Quality and Safety Management Systems Organised by MC Gill University, Canada and MOUAU.


March, 2013


Member, Committee on Open Spaces & Students’ Resting Places


2013/2014 session


College Coordinator, Directorate of University Research Admin. (DURA)


2014 – present


Chairman, Committee  on Home Economics & Hospitality Mgt. & Tourism UG & PG Curricula Review.


April – July, 2016


Member, LOC, October 2016 National AGM/Conference of the Hospitality & Tourism Management Association of Nigeria holding in Owerri, Imo State.


ad hock committee


Head, Dept. of Home Science / Hospitality Mgt. & Tourism.

Jan. 2017 – present








Public Body

Position & Nature of Service



Federal Road Safety Commission

Member & Quarter Guard Commander, Special Marshal Corpse.

2000 – Present


Amanator Ihiteowerri Autonomous Community

Member, Consultative Council of the Constitution Drafting Committee.



National Universities Commission (NUC)

Member, Hospitality and Tourism Mgt. Accreditation panel

 2012, 2016, 2017.


National Open University of Nigeria

Facilitator (tourism) Umudike Study Centre.

2009 – 2014


National Board for Technical Education

Member, Hospitality and Tourism Mgt. Accreditation panel.

November, 2011;

March, 2012, 2017.


Hospitality and Tourism Management Association of Nigeria (HATMAN)

Member of the National Executive Committee.

2000 – Present









National Comission for Museums and Monuments




Resource person, Member, Museum Friends

2012 – Present; Chaiman, 2018 International Museum Day Celebration,Umuahia, Abia State.


Shell Petroleum Dev. Corporation / Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Secondary Schools. Road Safety Competition.


 Chief Examiner, Abia State.

Oct., 2012; Oct., 2013; Nov. 1, 2014 at FRSC Hqts. Umuahia.






            Most Recent Public Lectures Delivered


Forum / Audience / Beneficiary

    Title of Lecture




Catholic Chaplaincy, MOUAU

Guest lecturer ‘Evangelism in the Face of Biting Socio-economic Realities: Youths at the Cross Roads’. 


September, 2009.



Christian Union, Nigeria

Guest lecturer on ‘Dangers of Cultism and Hooliganism’.

August, 2000; at National Holiday Youth Camp, Aba.


National Council for Museums and Monuments

Guest lecturer – Museums (Memory + creativity) = social change.

May 20, 2013 at National War Museum, Umuahia.



Abia State Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Guest Lecturer at the 2013 World Tourism Day Celebration on Tourism and water: Protecting our common future.

Sept. 27, 2013 at Michael Okpara Auditorium, Umuahia.



Federal Road Safety Commission Sector 9 (Enugu Zone)

Guest Lecturer at the 2013 Zonal Conference effective coordination of special marshal activities for enhanced productivity at all levels.


October, 26th at Agui Ironsi Conference Centre, Umuahia.


Senate Exams & Time Table Committee (MOUAU)

Examination Ethics Lecture

Liman Hall MOUAU; June, 2016.


1                     Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS) (

2                     International Ecotourism Society (

3                     Hospitality and Tourism Management Association of Nigeria (HATMAN). – Academic Fellow and Member of the National Executive Committee.

            6          Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)

            8          Nigeria Society for Biological Conservation (NSBC)


               H.       HOBBIES

            1.     Nature Adventure

            3.      Sports – swimming, basketball, tennis, cricket, badminton,

4.          Photography and documentation

5.          Classical & Jazz music.




1.      Prof. P. E. Mbah 

        Department of Home Economics / Hospitality Management & Tourism,

        Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.


2.      Prof C. I. C. Okoli

        Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management,

        Imo State University, Owerri.


3.      Prof. J. A. Ibeabuchi,

         Deparment of Animal Science,

         Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

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