Human Nutrition and Dietetics

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The B. Sc. Degree in Home Economics started in 1993/94 . In 2002/2003 the department added another programme Hospitality Management and Tourism. The creation of the department was for the purpose of training students in the development , use and management of material resources required to foster various aspects of individual, family and national development; to equip students with entrepreneurial skills needed to create small to medium scale businesses in the major areas of the curriculum; to develop the latent potentials of students and enable them take up leadership positions to become professionals in public and private establishments related to their chosen areas of study. Home Economics expose students to other disciplines within the pure, applied arts and sciences to solve the most pressing family and socio cultural challenges. The department offers a four year undergraduate programme for Home Economics and five years for Hospitality Management and Tourism with postgraduate programmes ranging from post graduate diploma to Doctor of Philosophy.

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Mrs E.N. Chukwu (MNIM)

Mrs E.N. Chukwu (MNIM)

College Officer