Name:                                                                        Ekaette Jackson Umoh

Nationality:                                                                 Nigerian

Correspondence Address:     

Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.



University of Cross River State, Now University of Uyo                  1981 – 1984

University of Cross River State, Now University of Uyo                  1986 – 1989

University of Nigeria, Nsukka                                                      1993 – 1997

University of Nigeria, Nsukka,                                                      2004 – 2007



v  Ph.D                Human Nutrition                                                         2007

v  M. Sc               Human Nutrition                                                         1997

v  B.Sc. (ed)        Home Economics                                                        1989

v  NCE                Home Economics                                                        1984



N.Y.S.C – Lutheran High School, Obot Idim, Uyo                           1984 – 1985

TUTOR – Lutheran High School, Obot Idim, Uyo                           1985 – 1986

Lecturer – University of Agriculture, Markurdi                                 1991 –  2013

Lecturer – Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike       2013 till date



v  University of Agriculture, Markurdi

v  HSM 307        =          Principle of Human Nutrition                                     (2)

v  HSM 316        =          Food Preparation and Preservation                             (2)

v  HSM 401        =          Human and Community Nutrition                              (2)

v  HSM 403        =          Advanced Food Preparation                                       (2)

v  HSM 402        =          Recipe Development and Testing                               (2)

v  HSM 408        =          Seminar                                                                       (1)

v  HSM 499        =          Project                                                                         (4)


v  HSD 003         = Food Preparation and Management                                   (3)

v  HSD 010         = Sensory Evaluation of Food                                               (3)

v  HSD 099          = Project                                                                                 (6)

v  HSM 603        = Biochemistry and Physiology of Nutrition                         (3)

v  HSM 624        = Advanced Diet Therapy and Hospital Practices                (3)

v  HSM 613         = Community Nutrition                                                         (3)

v  HSM 699        = Thesis                                                                                  (12)

v  FST 606          = Human Nutrition                                                                 (2)

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike

NUD – 223 – General Nutrition                                                                           (2)

NUD 314 – Nutritional Evaluation of Foods and Diets                                      (2)

NUD 315 – Food Production and Management                                                  (2)

NUD 411 – Personal and Institutional Management                                           (2)

NUD 415 – Nutrition Education                                                                          (2)

NUD 400 – Projects                                                                                             (4)

NUD 401 – Seminar                                                                                             (1)

NUD 700 – Projects                                                                                             (6)

NUD 701 – Seminar                                                                                             (1)

NUD 711 – Personal and Institutional Management                                           (2)

NUD 805 – Evaluation of Nutritional Status                                                       (3)

NUD 800 – Thesis                                                                                                (8)

NUD 801 – Seminar                                                                                             (1)

NUD 822 – Nutrition Epidemology                                                                     (3)

NUD 824 – Material, Infant and Child Nutrition                                                (3)

NUD 914 – Food Commodity Studies and Utilization                                       (3)

NUD 915 – Quantity Food Production and Services                                          (3)


a.       Applied Nutrition

b.      Human Nutrition


v  Lecturer 1991 – Till Date

v  Departmental Examination for Exhibition 1st Benue Trade Fair                                2000

v  Member, Sub – committee for 10th Year Anniversary                                                1998

v  Member, Sub – committee for 5th – 10th Convocation ceremonies                              2004

v  Acting Head of Department                                                                           2011 – 2012

v  Member, Committee for Development of New Curriculum for                                

Home Science and Management                                                                    2002 and 2007

v  Member, College Accreditation Committee                                                               2007

v  Member, Sub – committee for 11th Convocation Ceremony                                      2005

v  College Representative in College of Animal Science                                   2000 – 2008

v  College Representative in College of Veterinary Medicine                           2010 – 2013

v  Member, College of Food Technology Board                                                1997 – 2013

v  Member, Home Science and Management Board                                          1997 – 2013

v  Departmental Final Year Students Adviser                                                    2000 – 2013

v  Supervision of Students Projects                                                                    1997 – 2013

v  Departmental Postgraduate Examination Facilitator                                      2008 – 2009

v  Chairman College Welfare Committee                                                           2009 – 2012

v  Member, College Research Committee                                                          2010 – 2013

v  Member, Departmental Research Committee                                                 2010 – 2013

v  Chairman Departmental SIWES                                                                     2010 – 2012

v  Member, College Post Graduate Board                                                          2010 – 2013

v  Member, Departmental Post Graduate Committee                                        2010 – 2013

v  Member, Senate University of Agriculture, Markurdi                                    2011 – 2012

v  Acting head of department of human nutrition and dietetics                                    2014 – 2015

v  Member, Senate Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,

Umudike                                                                                                         2014 – 2015

v  Member, College of Applied Food Science and Tourism Board                   2013 – Till date

v  Member, Human Nutrition and Dietetics Board                                2013 – Till date

v  Member, Departmental Post Graduate Board                                    2013 – Till date

v  Member, Committee for Unification of Postgraduate

Programme Based on NUC Specification                                                                  2017




v  Nutrient Composition of Blanched, Sun and Shade Dried of Selected green leafy vegetable, their soups and dishes as consumed in Tiv Community, Benue State, Nigeria (Ph.D. Thesis)

v  Traditional believes and Management Diarrhea in Etinan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State (M.Sc. Thesis)

v  Nutrition Education and Rural Development in Etinan Local Government Area (B.Sc. (Ed) Project)

v  Food Habit and their Effects on Nutrition (N.C.E Project).



v  Eggah, B.M; Gernah, D.I. and Umoh, E.J. (2011) Effect of Boiling time on the proximate composition of “Zogale” – a Nigerian indigenous snack food. Proceedings: Nigerian institute of food technology (RC247011)240.

v  Umoh, E.J and Aguocha, J.C. (2008): Laboratory investigation on recommended diet for diabetic farmers in Markurdi Local Government Area of Benue State. Proceedings for National Conference of the Society for Gender issues in Agriculture and rural development.

v  Okoroafor, E.C. Abakpa, B.O. and Umoh, E.J. (2005): Roles of indigenous and Modern Pest Management. Processing, Storage and Non- Formal Education in promoting Quality control of cassava production in Nigeria. Proceeding for National conference of the society of indigenous knowledge and development 180 – 194 CEKARP Associates (Publishing Dept.)2005, RC.982135 NIG. ISBN: 9/8 – 38094 – 6 – 6.

v  Iombor, T.T., Umoh, E.J. and Asen, D.D. (2012) Proximate composition and functional properties of home-made cereal paste sold as complementary food in Markurdi, Benue State. Proceeding: Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (RC: 247011) 45 – 46



v  Okudu, H.O., Ene-Obong, H.N., Asumugha V.U and Umoh, E.J. (2016) Evaluation of the Nutrients and Phytochemical Composition of Two varieties of Monkey Kola Membrane (Cola parchycarpa and Cola lepidota). Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science. Vol 4(11), pp. 320 – 325, November 2016 ISSN: A4372 – 2604, ISJN: A4372 – 2604

v    Okudu, H.O, Umoh, E.J. and Njoku, G.(2017) Chemical and Sensory Attributes of Complementary Food From Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan) and Rice (Oryza glaberrima) Blends. Nigerian Journal of Agriculture, food and Environment. 13(1): 93 – 98. March 2017.

v  Okudu,H.O.;Umoh,E.J.;OJinnaka, M.C. and Chinnakwalam, O.F. (2017). Nutritional, Functional and sensory attributes of jam velvet tamarind pulp. African Journal of Food Science. Vol.11(2) pp. 44-49, February 2017. DOI: 10.5897/AJFS2016.1496. Article Number: B205cd062600.ISSN 1996 – 0794.

v  Okudu, H.O, Okwu, U.P. and Umoh, E.J. (2017) Chemical Composition of Two Commonly Consumed Cocoyam (Colocassia esculanta) Based Dishes in Umunnoechi Abia State, Nigeria. EC NUTRITION 8.4(2017): 145 – 151.

v  Ajayi, A.E. and Umoh, E.J. (2013) Assessment of protein-energy intake and health status of secondary school students in Kaduna metropolis, Nigeria. An International Journal of Agricultural Research. 90(1): 81 – 90 ISSN: 0794 – 5213. www.patnsukjournal.net.

v  Gernah, D.I, Ega, B.M and Umoh, E.J (2013) Microbiological and Sensory Assessment of stored ‘Zogale’- A snack food produced peak (Arachis hypogeae) cake and boiled Moringa oleifera leaves. Current Research Journal of Biological Science. 5(4): 153 -156. ISSSN2041-076x,e-ISSSN:2041-0778

v  Abubakar, H.F, Umoh, E.J, Ikya, J.K and Oni, O.K (2013) Production, proximate and sensory evaluation of “Gulguh” a Nigerian indigenous snack meal. Journal of Home economics. Research vol 18: 62 – 69: www.horan.org. ISSN 1118 – 0021

v  Gernah, D.I, Ega, B.M, and Umoh, U.E (Mistake) (2012) Effect of boiling time on ‘zogale’: A snack food produced from peanut (Arachis hypogea) cake and boiled Moringa oleifera leaves, African Journal of Food Science Vol. 6(10) Pg. 287 – 293 Dol 10,5897/AJFS 11073 ISSN 1996 – 0794

v  Umoh, E.J and Gbeyeron, F.D (2011) A review of the utilization and health benefit of “mumu”- A Nigerian indigenous snacks food. Journal of Home Economics Research. Vol. 14 pg.28 – 34. ISSN 1118 – 0021. www.home.org

v  Lombor, T.T, Umoh, E.J and Olakumi, E (2009) Proximate composition and organoleptic properties of complementary food formulated from millet (Perioeturn psychostachanurn) soybeans (Glycine max) and crayfish (Euastaiuo spp) Pakistan journal of Nutrition. 8(10): 1676 – 1679. ISSN1680 -5194

v  Umoh, E.J, Anugwa, F.O.I and Ali, G (1999) Prevalence of nutrition related diseases in Markurdi metropolis, Global Journal of Pure and Applied Science. Vol 6(2) March 2000: 167 – 172. Bachudo Science Co. Ltd. Nigeria. ISSBN 1118 – 0579


v  Nutrition Society of Nigeria

v  Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology

v  Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria.

v  National Association of Women in Academics

v  Home Economics Council of Nigeria



v  41st Annual Conference of Nutrition Society of Nigeria. Arewa House Kaduna 21st – 25th September, 2010

v  34th Annual Conference of Nigeria Institute  of Food Science and Technology, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port-Harcourt,19th – 22nd October, 2010.

v  1st National Conference of the Society of Gender in Agriculture and Rural Development, University of Agriculture, Markurdi, May 26th – 28th, 2008.

v  35th Annual Conferece of Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Benue Hotels Ltd, Markurdi, 10th – 14th October, 2011.

v  36th Annual Conference of Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Lagos Conference Centre, Akoka, Lagos. October 15th – 19th, Eko 2012

v  6th National Conference of Home Economics Council of Nigeria, University of Agriculture, Markurdi, Aper Aku Auditorium, 14th – 17th May, 2013

v  46th Annual Conference of Nutrition Society of Nigeria Markurdi 20th – 24th September, 2016.